Somers Healing & Consulting


Luanne Picture


Like rays of sunlight traveling to earth, hahnemann’s wisdom shines through the mists of time to illume our way, brighten our thoughts, warm our hearts.” Jeremy Sherr


Luanne Somers attended the British Correspondence School of Classical Homeopathy under the tutelage of Trevor Cooke and the Desert School of Classical Homeopathy (now AMCH) for a two year program under the guidance and instruction of Dr. Todd Rowe, and has twenty years of experience in homeopathic casetaking and analysis, including two years internship and coordination for the monthly Navajo Nation Homeopathic Clinic in 1993-1995. More recently Luanne has begun using meditative methods taught by Jayesh Shah of The Other Song Academy in Mumbai, India.

Luanne Somers holds a B.A. Degree in Education and an M.A. Degree in Counseling and is a certified Attunement Practitioner.

Luanne also had training in Soul Recovery & Extraction from ai gvhdi waya of Cottonwood, Arizona in 1995, and works closely with Gary Gent/Shamanic Connections.


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