Somers Healing & Consulting


Luanne PictureHahnemann envisioned a holistic world in which the foot is not the man himself. He saw that individuals were neither jigsaw puzzles nor pieces in a larger puzzle,where the sum of all parts equals a whole. Rather, he saw that parts of a larger whole holographically represent that whole; the whole and its parts form an indivisible unity.” Wendy Brewster O’Reilly, PhD. from her Introduction to the Organon of the Medical Art by Samuel Hahnemann, 6th edition.

This wholeness is the basis for all healing and is the foundation for life. Whether requesting classical homeopathic care, soul recovery or attunement, the wholeness of the life principle is the key. So when clients come to me wanting me to “fix” a part of their life, I smile and tell them that all of their experiences, symptoms, fears, joys are an expression of one life force that is driving us all and manifests through them individually.



Classical Homeopathy is encountering a rebirth in the United States. Whereas it was a common form of medicine in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, this art and science of health had been for the most part dormant for the latter part of the 20th century.  Recent publications and scientific evidence are beginning to raise awareness of the efficacy of the principles of homeopathy in the realm of true healing and health.

First Consultation requires 2-3 hours with a follow-up in thirty days.


Soul Recovery & Extraction is a shamanic technique for counseling and education toward wholeness and psychological health.

Soul Recovery & Extraction can be conducted long distance and includes a written report and phone consultation.


Attunement is a stress-reducing, non-touch therapy focused on the health of the endocrine glands and immune system.An Attunement Group is held every Monday evening.  Request more information by e-mail.



Consciousness Training Workshops are offered in New York and California for the purpose of bringing back the teachings of the Mystery Schools. These workshops are designed to be an experience in right mindfulness so that we can participate in acts of creation as we touch our world.