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I have not experienced anything other than classical homeopathy for the complete healing of the body including the mental/emotional/behavior patterns that are connected to it. This holistic approach to healing is based on VIBRATION and DILUTION and works with remedies from the plant, animal and mineral kingdom.  One of these remedies is matched to the specific set of symptoms that a client exhibits and may be given once, a few times or over time as needed. The smallest dose is given for the greatest effect.

Benefits of homeopathy:

1. Few or no side effects

2. Remedies are extremely inexpensive

3. Healing includes body/mind/emotions and may include all lifetime experiences as well as genetic carryover

4.The shedding of symptoms that interfere with creativity and vitality




$150 for first visit which includes a two-to-three hour consultation. This fee also covers your first follow-up consultation of 30 minutes. (There is a $15 discount for initial consultations for each additional family member.)

Follow-up consultations are recommended at three weeks and then every three months.

$ 75/hr follow-up consultations including phone consultations and e-mail contacts





“Luanne Somers, I often feel as I use homeopathy more, that it was the constitutional care I’ve received through the years from you and Eileen that kept the cancer from being able to take hold… Like I had deep healing before hand that worked. You sent me a remedy a few years ago that I feel “mopped’ up some physical and emotional stuff. I’m by no means perfect, but the healing has been on so many levels. Thank you. I’m using homeopathy more and more with kids and animals. Animals are my favorite as I often feel they tell me what to try.” Lynette

“I have my voice for the first time. I no longer feel powerless in the face of others.”

“All of the pains I had been having are gone.”

“I was immediately more focused and could sleep well all night.”




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