Somers Healing & Consulting



Attunement is a non-touch energy technique of re-membering the divine light within. Primary focus is given to the endocrine glands which are the basis of the immune system. All systems of the body can be worked with as needed. This is a relaxing technique that usually takes 20 minutes and can be done with a client in a sitting position or reclined. Regular attunements are most beneficial to health and mental clarity.

Attunement Groups are held every Monday evening from 7:30 – 8:45 in my home. Contact me for the address if you are interested.

Attunements are also available by appointment.






RADIANT LIVING workshops (6 hours) are provided for small groups. This workshop looks at the function and purpose of the mind including the conscious and subconscious patterns so that true creativity through inspiration and enlightenment can provide a brighter life. Topics include: the function of the mind, mankind’s relationship with the Divine, the Creative Process, Introduction to Attunement.

Some insights from previous workshop participants:

“Take right consciousness into everyday life like a rubber band around your wrist. Just snap it to remember.”  V.Gomez/ Staten Island 2013 /Radiant Living Workshop

“There is Divine Energy that moves through my soul and is given to my world through the instrument of my body.” V.Gomez/Staten Island 2013/Radiant Living Workshop

“The results are so pretty and without this we have chaos.” V.Gomez/Staten Island 2013/Radiant Living Workshop

“Take a breath and pause and give yourself a second to process, feel or think.” anonymous/Staten Island 2013/Radiant Living Workshop

Workshop fees: $55/per person (includes a light lunch)





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