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Rainbow Light

This is a poem from a Soul Recovery & Extraction client of mine back in the 90’s. It was so heartfelt and such confirmation of the impact of the work we did together. Perhaps it will give you a sense of the SR&E process I use.

I am sealed in rainbow
My soul complete.
I have a rainbow shield
My circle of excellence.

My eyes fill with tears
For I feel pure joy
A soulful completeness.
I see simple beauty around me
The rainbow surrounds me.

My senses are sharp
I see colors and shades acutely
I am anew
I am complete
I am sealed in rainbow light.


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Life is all about connecting the dots.

Look up at the night sky and imagine all those stars as points of light inside your cells. Suddenly it is easy to imagine that we are all connected.

In my work I like to listen so I can hear what’s needed, I like to find the right people to work together, I like to allow a confluence of expanded possibilities to open up new pathways to solutions.

I believe in the magic of creation.